Bench Bar Committees Establish and promote good working relationships between the Bar and the Judiciary of the 20th Circuit/District

Judicial Qualification Evaluation Committee:

  • Rhonda Paice, Chair ([email protected])
  • Angela Vernail 
  • Stephen Price 
  • Ryan Schmalzle
  • Leslie Barnes 
  • Heather Miller 
  • Lorie O’Donnell 


Circuit Court Bench Bar Committee:

  • Sean Morgan, Chair ([email protected])
  • Eric Demetriades 
  • Lorie O’Donnell 
  • Danell Palladine 
  • Betsy Sue Scott 
  • Stephen Price
  • Alex Levay 


General District Court Bench Bar Committee:

  • Renee Berard, Chair ([email protected])
  • Adam Pouilliard 
  • Jason Faw 
  • Stephanie Troxell
  • Flor Salvador 


Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court Bench Bar Committee:

  • Heather Miller, Chair ([email protected])
  • Christin Georgelas 
  • Jim Beglis 
  • Elizabeth Lancaster 
  • Jason Bickmore 
  • Megan Belden 
  • Alex Rueda 
  • Leslie Barnes 
  • Beth McCord

Law Camp Committee
Rachel Robinson, Chair

Web Site Committee
Elizabeth Ross, Chair